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Educational Assessments

Educational assessments  for children and students with suspected learning difficulties, for students requesting access arrangements for external examinations and  for students, who need standardised test results for applications to new schools. The assessments are carried out by a qualified CPT3A assessor, registered with the British Psychological Society.

If you suspect that your child may have a learning difficulty, a complete assessment using psychometric tests, teacher reports, and parent and child interviews will help identify his/her particular needs.

Psychomectric tests can help to accurately assess children and students, who may have learning difficulties. Reliable and valid, internationally recognised standardised tests are used to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your child.

How Does It Work?

Psychometric testing is just part of the assessment process. It involves a number of tests to evaluate a child's cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social functioning. It also involves collecting information from parents, teachers, and the child/student to give a complete picture of the child/student.

Before The Assessment

An initial interview is held with the parents and student to determine which test would best answer the question  to why testing is required. Parents and students are encouraged to ask any questions they may have relating to the assessment.

After The Assessment

You will receive a comprehensive report within two weeks of the assessment, which will highlight your child's needs. There will be recommendations to help your child build the necessary skills and strategies to cope with or overcome problems.

A follow-up meeting or a phone call will be arranged to discuss the results of the assessment and any recommendations made. Individual teaching plans can be developed to address your child's individual needs and preferred learning style.

Support Lessons

Following the assessment, individual support lessons are available on request.


To make an appointment, please call Gillian Le Coz. Tel. 06 13 13 30 99 or by email gillianlecoz@icloud.com Home appointments are possible.

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